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Dan Morgan, TeamUp

Super-brief history

TeamUp is my start-up App.

I have a small independent gym in Surrey, UK, and when the first Covid lockdown came in April 2020 I needed a way to motivate members to keep moving and stay active. I started a WhatsApp group and set everyone a challenge!

The basic idea was to exercise (in any form) for 150 minutes per week (the international recommendation for adults). The accountability of having to report your points (minutes) seemed attractive and the idea spread, quickly turning into a broadcast list of 500 people.

It was clear that WhatsApp just wasn't going to be a practical tool to manage and grow the group so an App was the solution. After 18 months of working with developers, TeamUp is almost ready for release (aiming for March 2022).

Preparing for launch

TeamUp is already lined up to be used by a small army of individuals looking to get moving with friends and family, as well as in businesses and schools as an employee-wellbeing tool.

I'm looking for more people, groups, businesses, podcasters, bloggers and anyone else who is interested in healthy and active lifestyle - to download TeamUp and give it a test-drive when we go live in March 2022.

If you would like to get involved please
get in touch.

Thank you!

Example Contet
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Example content

To get a feel for what TeamUp is, our tone and style of content please find a selection of our earliest content below.

Example blog posts

TeamUp Podcast

We are starting a Podcast ("Move More"). It will form part of our content and is likely to start as one 5-minute podcast per week.

We are looking for appropriate contributors to come online and be interviewed. We're keen to hear from people who have successfully created healthy, active lifestyles or have valuable advice for the "regular person" to get and stay moving.

Our seed users

We are aiming for TeamUp to "go live" in March 2022. We are currently building a base of approximately 400 'seed users' including:

  • Members of the gym I run

  • Friends and family

  • Local businesses and schools (for their staff)

  • Selected Insta and Twitter users

  • Slimming groups we work with

  • Lifestyle bloggers/vloggers

My aim is to spread the word about TeamUp to a broad range of people and businesses to help establish who engages with, and benefits from the App so that I can build a more targeted marketing campaign.

Getting in touch

TeamUp is a start-up so we're keen to hear from anyone who can help us build and spread the word.

Dan Morgan

(00 44) 7841 906674



Get in touch

TeamUp Blog

Each post is only 5 mins.

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