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All adults should exercise for

150 minutes per week.

About 40% of us don't do it.
That needs to change.

Got one minute?

What you need to do now

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Create your Teams
TeamUp with friends, family and colleagues and make yourself accountable.
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Exercise & log points
Move where, when and how you like. You get 1 point per minute. Go go go...

Need a quick demo?

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3 min demo
A quick overview of TeamUp to get you started!

Club Rules (only 3)

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Motivate others
TeamUp is about motivating everyone to exercise more by creating accountability. Support others as they strive for exercise glory!
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Social etiquette
When you log points or comments on other people's exercise it will be seen by all their connections (everyone in their various teams). Please make sure you're positive and supportive - we're building a community here.
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Talk to us
TeamUp is brand new. Although it's been tested, it's likely some people will find a small glitch here and there. If you do please let us know so we can have it fixed. Thanks!
Club rules
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TeamUp Health & Wellbeing Ltd

Company Number: 13040635
West Sussex, UK

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