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I'm busy but I'm making it happen.

I've got a lot on and it's always been easy to find an excuse to swerve exercise.

I've had to make working out fit into my life so it's convenient for me. I struggle to find big blocks of time to dedicate to exercise so I make it work around my work and family commitments.

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Fitting it in with life

I have a gym at home so it's quick and easy to squeeze in short workouts most days. Even if I know I can only get out there for 10-15 minutes I know it's still worthwhile.

I make sure I cycle the children to school which is a 20-min round-trip, twice daily! When I do get to the gym I go for short classes (30 mins) leaving time to get to other commitments.

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My Teams

I've set up four Teams:

"The Trio"
A close group of friends - we all live locally, go to the same gym and see each other regularly. TeamUp provides perfect competition for us!

"The office girls"
I've got a Team with the girls in the office. We all have different lifestyles and commitments but TeamUp allows us to all work towards the same goal. Again, it gives us some healthy office competition, which we love!

"School Mums"
I'm heavily involved at school so rounded up a load of mums to be in a Team together. We're all now competing to get our points each week.

"Dog walkers"
I regularly walk rescue dogs. It's good exercise so it was natural to make a Team with the others who are out there walking all the time!

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TeamUp is great. My friends and I would never share what we're doing exercise-wise on social media. TeamUp gives us a way to easily share what we're doing and when people comment and give you a pat on the back it's really motivating.

I'm also competitive so when I see others ahead of me in my various Teams it make me want to get back out on the bike for another 20 minutes so I can get back up to the top.

Sometimes, if I've had a particularly busy week and just haven't made time for it I know I can make a fresh start the next week and go again!

Tamara was one of TeamUp's first users in the pre-launch (Jan 2022) and we hope she keeps moving for years to come!

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