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Struggling to find time and energy

I've always enjoyed exercise but as a parent of two young children it's been difficult to find the time and energy for it in recent years.

I know that if I keep myself fit and active I'll have more energy so it's been great to find something that's kept me motivated while also connecting me with friends and family.

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Staying active

I've tried to make my exercise routine fit in as naturally as possible with my lifestyle and other commitments.

I make sure I walk the children to school (15 min fast walk) then jog on to the gym from there. I work locally then jog back to school for pick-up time.

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My Teams

I've set up three Teams so far:

"School mums"
We see each other at the school gates every morning and have a quick joke about who's done most (or no) exercise and who's leading the team!

My family don't live locally so I don't see them as much as I'd like. TeamUp has given me a nice way to have some friendly competition each week!

"Gym Team"
I enjoy the gym and get there when I can. I've set up a Team with a few friends I go with and we post pictures of our workouts when we log our points!

Using a Touch Phone


I'm loving TeamUp! It's a brilliant way to stay motivated and connected to friends and family. I love seeing what exercise everyone else has been doing through the week and it really puts pressure on me to make sure I hit my points.

I also love that I get a fresh start every Monday. If I've had a tough week and just haven't quite made it I know I can just start again the next week.

I also like that all exercise counts. It gives me the flexibility to know I just need to move, however I want so if I just need another 20 points for the week I can just get a quick 20 min jog in and I'm there!

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Emma was one of TeamUp's first users in the pre-launch (Jan 2022) and we hope she keeps moving for years to come!

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