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All adults should exercise for 150 minutes per week.

About 40% don't.

TeamUp is a new mobile App to motivate people to exercise more.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for finding your way to this page. I've reached out to people to ask for helping testing TeamUp - my little project of the last year or so. It's a new mobile App designed to motivate people to exercise more.

The App is live and available for download on android and iPhone. However it's only a test version so has a handful of typos, mistakes and functional bugs. I'm aware of most of them and they're being fixed over the next few weeks. However it's important to get people using and reporting back as there will also be design and function issues on different mobile devices (types, models etc) which is hard to test.

If you're happy to get stuck in and give it a test-drive I'm looking for the following:


  1. Download and register

  2. Create a Team with a few family/friends

  3. Try joining a Team (have someone else create and share the team code with you)

  4. Log some points (you get one point per minute, all exercise counts)

  5. Interact on the feed

As well as testing these basic functions of the App I'm looking for some general feedback about the concept of TeamUp and how user-friendly it is (or isn't...).

The idea is for people to use it over the next few weeks and then I'll send a link to a short questionnaire asking for feedback.

If you're happy to dive in then you can get started below (and thank you in advance for your time and help!)



To get started

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Create some Teams
Create Teams with friends and family. Please remember to let them know it's only a test version!
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Exercise & log points
Move where, when and how you like. You get 1 point per minute. Go go go...

You may also find useful

The welcome video shown to new users
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3 min demo
A quick overview of TeamUp to get you started!
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Known issues
Here's a list of the bugs we know about so far
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TeamUp Health & Wellbeing Ltd

Company Number: 13040635
West Sussex, UK

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