The 200 Club is run by me (Dan) and my small team of Motivators. They're fabulous. If they can't get you moving, no one can.

I live in Sussex, have a small fitness club in Surrey (which I adore because I get to work wit fantastic staff and members) and have spent over 20 years in gyms and clubs of all types and sizes.

The consistent issue troubling the typical gym member? Motivation and results. Or rather - a lack of.


The important stuff you really need? Short-term goals, structure, clear advice, routine, celebrating small wins while aiming for the broad achievement of better health, rather than simply trying to "shed 3 stone for a wedding this summer".

The 200 Club is not about the latest workout, fad or craze. It's about motivation, keeping it fun, giving you something to aim for each week and celebrating small wins (which you'll do every Sunday night when you hit your 200 points!).


You will exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle.

See you in the club! DM