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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This is a super-important question. We all want to be healthy. It's obvious, right. However, when we want to achieve something, we should always start by knowing what it is we're trying to achieve. I think we all have a different answer to what "health" is because unless you're super-keen, or in the industry it's difficult to know the difference between health, fitness and, for the purpose of this post, wellness.

Good health used to be defined as the absence of disease. It has been expanded to include being in a good mental state too.

I'm actually going to give my personal take on this by crossing over from "health" to "wellness". The two terms are so heavily inter-linked. I think we should be striving to live a healthy lifestyle and that's where "wellness" comes in.

From January The 200 Club will be taking on a new look, with an App to log your points, support/compete with friends through leagues and to receive your workouts. More on that later. However, the other big change will be moving from "Weekly Lifestyle Challenges" to "Weekly Wellness Challenges". Therefore we need a clear understanding of what "Wellness is".

There are several definitions, takes and approaches to Wellness but at The 200 Club we're going to follow the well-established eight components of Wellness (in no particular order).

  1. Physical

  2. Emotional

  3. Environmental

  4. Social

  5. Occupational

  6. Intellectual

  7. Spiritual

  8. Financial

Think of these as spokes on a wheel (a common way of explaining and illustrating it). On each spoke we can gauge where we are at a given moment in time. For me, true Wellness is being "healthy" in each of these 8 components.

Therefore from January (in line with our proper commercial launch), we'll be running a "Wellness Challenge" each week, with up to 50 points available towards your weekly 200. It would be easy to over-complicate this as wellness is a vast and broad topic with a million things we can do to improve.

To make it simple we'll be setting you five very straight forward tasks each week, each worth 10 points (there's your 50). Some people might find the tasks aren't particularly helpful, or are unachievable, for whatever reason. Others will find the tasks give them an insight, or an opportunity to try something which might add value to their life.

I won't go into detail here as that's for a separate post, but let's take a couple of quick examples to get a better understanding.

Within the 'Emotional Wellness Week' we will give you simple tasks to try and improve your mental health. We all recognise that good mental health is vital in our overall health picture. If you find a couple of the tasks useful and you retain them and make them part of your lifestyle, well that's a big win (for you, and The 200 Club).

Within the 'Occupational Wellness Week' we might set you some simple tasks to help you improve your health while at work. Many of us now have very different working lives and setups due to the changes forces on us by Covid. There are opportunities here to improve our health, our lifestyle, and our home/work balance. Something not to be sniffed at.

In the 'Financial Wellness Week' we might set you some simple (if not condescending) tasks such as checking your bank statement for small things you never knew were there each month. You'd be amazed how many people find things, and remedy them.

By giving you these quick and slightly trivial examples you'll see where my personal picture of "health" comes from. Don't be quick to jump to "physical and mental". They are two vital parts. But there is more to be had. I suspect we would all like to be "healthy" in the eight components of Wellness set out above. If you're as busy, hectic and "full throttle" as many people appear to be now, you may find The 200 Club's simple approach to trying a few simple tasks fits in with your life. Hopefully you'll even retain some of your personal favourites and they become the holy grail... habits.

Oh, and for the record, if you don't get your points for completing the tasks you'll have to make up the shortfall with exercise points. Just saying.


The 200 Club

The 200 Club is an online club to motivate you to do more exercise. You have to earn 200 points per week and you get points for exercising. The formal launch is in January 2021, in line with the release of The 200 Club App. It’s fun, informal, led by some great instructors and makes exercising into a game. It’s suitable for everyone and you can get involved at www.200clubfitness.com

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