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The 200 Club is a new online club in partnership with Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley. You'll receive straight forward exercise advice, workouts to follow when it suits, motivation through a points system and clear ways to see your improvement.


It's completely FREE to everyone. You can do the workouts and exercises at times to suit you. It's also suitable for all ages and abilities. Sign up free today.

Dan Morgan

General Manager, Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley


Free, quick and easy


How and why do we use WhatsApp?


We use WhatsApp to send you the links to the workout videos and challenges.

We do not use WhatsApp Groups. No one other than The 200 Club Manager will see your mobile number. We will also not pass on, volunteer or sell your number/details to any other company or organisation. Read more about us (Oakwood Sports Centre) here.



What is The 200 Club and how does it work?

It's a free online club for Horley to help motivate you to exercise more

You have to earn 200 points per week

30 mins decent, sweaty exercise = 25 points

Completing the weekly challenge = 100 points

Therefore, 4 x 30 mins exercise and the challenge from Mon-Sun each week and you're sorted

Do I have to follow all the workouts you set?

No. The workouts we put on (live and pre-recorded) are there for you to follow if you wish. They'll be taken by Oakwood's Manager, Dan and it would be great to have as many Horley people doing them as possible. However, if you'd rather run/walk/cycle/follow other online classes that's absolutely fine. Exercise is exercise and 30 mins of decent sweating will earn you 25 points.

Do I need to be an Oakwood member to join The 200 Club?

No. It's for everyone. There is no fee, commitment or strings. Just sign up, tell your mates and get ready for some sweaty competition.



The 200 Club is run by Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley.

Oakwood has provided Horley with a first class fitness facility and community for nearly 30 years and, like all gyms, was forced to close in March by The Coronavirus.

We understand the main reasons people stop exercising and leave gyms; motivation and results. Or rather - a lack of.


The important stuff you really need? Short-term goals, structure, clear advice, routine, celebrating small wins while aiming for the broad achievement of better health, rather than simply trying to "shed 3 stone for a wedding this summer". Hmm.

The 200 Club is not about the latest workout, fad or craze. It's about motivation, keeping it fun, giving you something to aim for each week and celebrating small wins (which you'll do every Sunday night when you hit your 200 points!).


See you in the club!