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I don't have time to exercise.

Yes you do. We all do.

It's about prioritising exercise and making it fit with life.

You need to get motivated. That will come from achieving with others.


You need to TeamUp.

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TeamUp and get


Launching Spring 2021

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We all love points.

Exercise where, when and how you like. It all counts. We'll give you one point for every minute you do.

Your target? 150 per week.

Just like a game, you will enjoy it. We all work harder at the things we enjoy, right?

Every Sunday night your points get reset so you get a fresh start every Monday (because we all love fresh starts).

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Stronger together

You'll be far more motivated to exercise if you do it with others, just like going to the gym.


Create Teams with friends, family and colleagues. You can see their points and they can see yours.

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Be accountable

Being in teams makes you accountable to others.

You'll be far more motivated to go out and smash your 150 points every week.

The power of


A crucial part of motivation is getting recognition for your hard work and also seeing friends logging points (oh the guilt!)

Your feed will keep you posted every time someone in your Teams logs points.

That healthy competition will make you super-keen to smash out more points (minutes). You've got this!

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Workouts and inspiration to get you moving

We've teamed up with outstanding instructors and studios from around the world to bring you top-quality content for ideas, inspiration and motivation.

We're constantly building but already have workouts and info videos for exercise, lifestyle, mental wellbeing, busy parents, challenges, healthy eating, pregnancy and more.

Why 150 points per week?

The World Health Organisation says adults should get 150 minutes per week of exercise to stay healthy.

Only about 10% of people know this and only about 60% achieve it.

At TeamUp we've made it into a game.

One minute = one point. Simple.

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TeamUp Blog

Each post is only 5 mins.