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Welcome back 200 Club people... a very long time, no speak. After 18 long months since starting The 200 Club I've managed to cobble together an App and get a few users. I'd be delighted if you'd come and get involved with TeamUp (the re-branded 200 Club).

The aim of the game? Exercise for 150 minutes per week. This is the national recommendation for adults (NHS) so this should be easy, right?

A few key points

  • A team has already been set up for you to join (team code below)

  • You are absolutely encouraged to also set up teams with friends, family and workmates. You can have as many teams and connections as you like.

  • TeamUp is completely free of charge while I'm getting it off the ground.

  • You exercise where, when and how you like. Everything from a fast walk upwards counts. You get one point per minute of exercise you do.


Let's do this


Download TeamUp

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Join the Team

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What are you getting into?

TeamUp is a new start-up social fitness App.

It is designed to motivate you to exercise more by creating teams with friends, family and workmates.

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TeamUp Health & Wellbeing Ltd

Company Number: 13040635
West Sussex, UK