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28-Day Exercise and Wellbeing Challenge

Starts Monday 7th March

Welcome back 200 Club people... a very long time, no speak. After 18 long months since starting The 200 Club I've managed to cobble together a mobile App and get a few users. I'd be delighted if you'd come and get involved with TeamUp (the re-branded 200 Club).

The aim of the game? Create Teams with friends and family then exercise for 150 minutes each week.

Here's your quick (2-min) explainer. You can also watch our
30-second video here >

Abou TeamUp

Get started

1. Download TeamUp (free)

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2. Create your Teams

Create Teams with friends, family and colleagues. You can create as many Teams as you like.

When you create a Team it will generate a 4-digit Team Code. Share this by WhatsApp, text or email. When someone selects to joins your team and enters the code, they'll be in - simple!

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More about TeamUp

TeamUp is a new mobile App to motivate people to do more exercise. You create teams with friends, family and colleagues. This creates a key motivator - accountability.

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TeamUp Health & Wellbeing Ltd

Company Number: 13040635
West Sussex, UK

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