Frequently asked questions

TeamUp is new. Therefore you may have questions. We hope to have answered the most frequently asked questions below but if not please feel free to drop us a line by email.

What's the aim of the game?

Why is the weekly target 150 points?

Why does it only show a maximum of 150 points in my teams?

Why do my points reset every Sunday night?

The aim of the game

TeamUp is about getting motivated to exercise by creating teams with your friends, family and colleagues. Once you've created teams you all exercise where, when and how you like awarding yourself 1 point for each minute. Log your points on TeamUp whenever you exercise. Your target is to hit 150 points (minutes) per week.

Why 150 points (minutes)?

The World Health Organisation recommends all adults get 150 minutes of exercise each week. We've used that marker to create TeamUp then just made minutes into points (because that's way more fun!)

Why does it only show a maximum of 150 points in my teams?

TeamUp is about motivating your whole team to reach their 150 points per week. If you've had a brilliant week and hit over 150 points but others in your team have had a terrible week and got low/no points it can be demotivating for them to see your mega-success. Therefore in your various teams it will stop showing points after you reach 150. However in your own points section it will continue to show you real total points you've earned that week.

Why do my points reset every Sunday night?

A huge part of motivating people (in anything) is providing a fresh start. We all have bad weeks where life just gets in the way and we don't get our exercise done. At TeamUp every Monday is a fresh start.