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Create teams with friends, family and workmates and move more together.

Launch: 21st Feb 2022

All adults should exercise for 150 minutes each week.

This is the global recommendation from leading health authorities.

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Turn minutes into points

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We've made this into a game. One minute of exercise equals one point.

Exercise where, when and how you like, it all counts. Just get moving and log your points as you go.

Every Sunday night your points are reset, so you can enjoy a fresh start every Monday.

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TeamUp and get motivated

You'll be more motivated to exercise if you do it with others, just like going to the gym.
Create teams with friends, family and colleagues. You can see their points and they can see yours.

A little healthy competition will give you that extra push to get up and active.

The power of community

A crucial part of motivation is getting recognition for your hard work. When you log points everyone in your Teams will see it in their feed.


Also, when your see your friends popping up in your feed it will give you that nudge to get out there and earn a few more points yourself!

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TeamUp Blog

Each post is only 5 mins.

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