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After the toughest of years, are you ready to commit to get fit?

Our 28-day challenge is completely free, suitable for everyone and can be done from anywhere.

What is it?

Exercise where, when and how you like.

Jog, cycle, swim, go to the gym, do a class, do a home workout. It doesn't matter where or how you exercise, it all counts.

You get 1 point per minute of exercise you do. We'll also set you some fun tasks to help you with your diet, nutrition and motivation, so you can grab some extra points along the way.

There are three badges to aim for over the 28 days, bronze, silver and gold.

Can I do it?

Everyone can do it. You don't need to be fit, don't need to be a member of a gym and don't need any equipment at home.

It's fun, informal and will give you the motivation to get up, get moving and get your year off to a healthy start!

You simply exercise where, when and how you want. Award yourself a point for every minute you do and try to achieve one, or more, of the badges as you go!

How it works

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It's a simple challenge. Just keep a track of your points throughout each week (1 point for 1 minute of exercise).

We will send you a WhatsApp message each Sunday night asking for your points from that week.

We will keep a tally for you over the 28 days.



It's free, and suitable for everyone.

We use WhatsApp to send out workouts, motivation and updates. We do not use WhatsApp groups and no one other than The 200 Club Manager will see your mobile number or any replies you send to messages.

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