TeamUp is a new social fitness and wellbeing App, due for release in March 2021.

This information is for instructors, studios and small businesses, anywhere in the world, who may be interested in content collaborations with us.

  • Provide an amount of content (suggest 2 hours but flexible)

  • We will make available to our users in the App Library

  • Raise awareness for your online classes, courses and services

  • Content supplied free of charge

  • No charges for being listed on TeamUp


TeamUp is a UK-based start-up social fitness and wellbeing App, due for release in March 2021.


The core functionality of the App is to allow users to create teams with friends, family and colleagues to provide motivation to exercise more.


It is not another fitness tracking App. It is not for athletes, or even aimed at the serious exerciser. TeamUp is targeted at those who need a bit of motivation, inspiration and support to get moving regularly. We set all users a simple goal of achieving 150 minutes per week of exercise, in line with the WHO recommendation. We award users points as way of making it more fun and introducing gamification elements to the App.


A feature of the App will be a Library where we will provide content, ideas, challenges, plans and advice. We will cover a broad range of health topics including exercise, healthy eating, personal organisation and mental wellbeing.


We are building collaborations with outstanding instructors and small businesses who are looking to grow their online audiences.


We're looking for instructors, studios and small business who work in any area of health, fitness and lifestyle, however niche.


Our proposition is as follows...


We request a limited amount of free content from you. Some collaborators will be providing a few 15 minute videos/talks on their specialist topic. Others are choosing to supply 3-4 hours of content. All providers are different and are willing to provide a different amount of content.


The content should be purpose-made, mentioning the TeamUp brand as well as your own brand. We are extremely flexible to what the content is and examples are available on request. We will also give you some simple guidelines to follow regarding structure, again to help stay on-brand.


This content should be provided twice per year to keep it fresh and to remind users of your service.


We will take your raw content, make simple production changes, co-brand it and add it to the TeamUp Library, making it available to our users.


We would use your content in marketing activities linking it to your service. We would invite you to deliver or take part in LIVE events as often as you like.


We would point towards your content when we run a particular course or piece of our own content where your service compliments it appropriately.


As TeamUp grows and builds its user base we would hope this would create awareness and traffic for your brand and service.

We are also currently investigating options for referral programmes whereby we can refer users to your business with a discount code but we are in the pre-launch stage at the moment so this is something for the future. 


TeamUp is likely to be free of charge in March - April while we launch, test and recruit the first users. We are likely to introduce a monthly subscription charge of between £4.00-£7.00 after a 14 day free trial period when we release more formally.

We will not pay for the content provided, twice annually from collaborators. By making your content available to users in the Library at no charge we aim to raise awareness for your brand and online services.

If we are able to introduce a referral scheme in the future to drive further traffic to your business then we will be happy to discuss this.


The next step is to arrange a video call for an introduction and discussion. Please email to arrange this, or to ask further questions.

Thank you for your time.

Dan Morgan