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Collaborate with us

TeamUp is a mobile App to motivate people to do more exercise by creating teams with others for accountability.

Everyone has a weekly target of doing 150 minutes of exercise, in line with the international recommendation for adults.

We will be providing content within the App to motivate and inspire users. Content will include the 'Move More' podcast, a blog and some 7-day challenges based on exercise, clean eating, mental wellbeing and other areas of a healthy lifestyle.

We are inviting great independent providers of health and wellbeing services including fitness trainers, wellbeing coaches and nutritionists to get in touch and discuss possible collaborations.

Creating partnerships

We want to create collaborations where we can enjoy working with outstanding trainers and coaches, while showcasing their brand to our users and pushing traffic to their online businesses.

7-day challenges

We will be organising simple, practical, informal 7-day challenges for our users. We are looking to collaborate with trainers and coaches to make these challenges great quality, fun, engaging, interesting and informative.

What we're looking for

For a 7-day challenge we are looking for collaborators to provide the following four key resources/inputs:

  1. Some input into the design of the challenge (input on the tasks we're setting for users etc)

  2. Two short videos. One introducing and explaining the challenge and one giving some tips and advice (eg "top five ways to...")

  3. Regular (ideally daily) social media posts (stories) for the 7 days to serve as reminders/motivators

  4. Take part in a podcast-interview/webinar (approx 15 mins) during the week.

Dates and practicalities

The 7-day challenges will be designed so that users can choose them from within the App and do them in any week that works for them. However, we will also be selecting specific dates and running them as 'whole club' challenge weeks to launch them and drive awareness.

We are in a position to be extremely flexible as to the dates that would work for challenge weeks with collaborators.

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