Busy, tired & not exercising.

Time to change.

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Your children come first. You suffer mum-guilt if you even think about taking time for yourself.

A fast, hectic life often means a poor diet, with regular snacking, sugary drinks and convenience meals.


A poor diet, long days and lack of exercise means you're constantly tired.

This is a cycle which often leads to poor physical and mental health and it needs to be managed.

It's time to join The 200 Club.


Our new online club will motivate you to move more. You'll create time, get organised and make exercise a priority.

You'll exercise where, when and how you like. You'll earn a point for every minute you do. Your target? 200 points per week.


You'll log your points on our App and create teams with your friends, family and colleagues.


Come on now, we all love points.


Make yourself accountable and motivate others.



Our simple weekly Lifestyle Challenges will give you focus and teach you about nutrition, environmental health, personal organisation and improving your mental wellbeing.

The weekly Lifestyle Challenge is worth 50 points towards your 200. Challenges are small, simple and convenient, ready for you to slip into your life when you can.


WHY 200?

The UK and US Governments recommend adults take part in 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

Only 10% of people know this, and only 65% of people do it.

At The 200 Club we'll give you 1 point for every minute of exercise you do. There's also a weekly 'Lifestyle Challenge' worth 50 points.

Do whatever exercise works for you. If you're stuck for ideas and inspiration, we're also there to help you out with loads of great workouts.


Each post is only 5 mins.