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We will motivate your staff to exercise more.

For free.

(We're a start-up...)

28-day challenge
Mon 7th March 2022

Free for all your staff

Athlete-grade fitness most certainly not required

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All adults should exercise for 150 minutes each week.

This is a global recommendation from leading health authorities.

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Your staff will create teams with friends, family and the office.

Be motivated by those around you.

The power of community

Your people will create teams. Not just with colleagues, but with friends and family.

When they exercise and log points it will show in everyone's feed.

This provides the motivation to get up, get out and get more minutes (points)!

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Everyone loves points

We've made this into a game. One minute of exercise equals one point.

Exercise where, when and how you like, it all counts. Just get moving and log your points as you go.

Every Sunday night your points are reset, so you can enjoy a fresh start every Monday.

28-day challenge
Mon 7th March 2022

Free for all your staff

We're a start-up, launching with a free 28-day exercise and wellbeing challenge for businesses, starting on 7th March 2022.

We would love your business and employees to be involved so if you'd like to find out more please email me.

Thank you,

Dan Morgan


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