Having run The 200 Club through WhatsApp and Facebook, filming in a spare 30 mins at the gym and making up challenges as and when I can, it's time to step it up.

I'm taking on my own challenge of developing an App for The 200 Club and launching it as a commercial concern in early 2021.

I've got the basics in place. I have a reasonable understanding of the problem (people don't exercise, mainly due to a lack of time and motivation). I think we have a viable solution for many (flexible workouts to fit in with life, and an App which allow people to 'team up' with friends and family for interaction and accountability).

I'm now looking to fine tune ideas, get critical input and make sure I'm giving The 200 Club the best chance of success I can.

I'm therefore inviting a group of the most active users to become 'Brand Ambassadors' for The 200 Club. It's a voluntary role, but one which will be rewarded with free use of App (also for some friends and family) if I can get it off the ground.

Here's how it works:

  • It's a private Facebook Group

  • I'll ask for your input on a handful of issues over the next month or so

  • You can throw as much or as little input and opinion into the group as you like

  • If the App launches we'll go through a short period of testing with a small group of users for a few weeks (you) before 'going live'.

When the App goes live:

  • If it's good enough to use (fingers crossed) then may be you'd be good enough to invite a few friends to get involved using the 'teams' function.

  • If you even want to write a short blog post (500-800 words) with your story (why you use The 200 Club and how you benefit from it) then we'd publish it.

If you don't have time to be involved I will completely understand! If however you'd like to come on board as a Brand Ambassador (opt out again at any time) then please just apply to join the group on the link below.

If nothing else, please consider that the Brand Ambassadors group is currently by invitation only so if you've been invited it's because you've been consistently active in The 200 Club over recent months and for that I'm truly grateful!

Thank you,