Our regular workouts (Live and pre-recorded) use the terms ROOKIE and PRO to differentiate between exercises. This is so you can choose a harder or easier exercise. If you've tried a workout and found the ROOKIE exercises are too tough (let alone the Pro ones) then you need our Basic Training programme!

Introduction / Explainer  |  3 mins


Workout 1  |  30 mins

Workout 2  |  30 mins

Workout 3  |  30 mins

Workout 4  |  30 mins

Workout 5  |  30 mins

Workout 6  |  30 mins

Well done! If you have worked through the six workouts in Basic Training then you should be ready to take on our regular workouts (Live and pre-recorded). These are sent out by WhatsApp and email on certain days. You need to be a member of The 200 Club (free) to receive these.

Thank you and well done!