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A few rough edges

Updated: 10/03/22
By: Dan Morgan

TeamUp is a start-up. It's a work in progress and as such there are some things which don't look or work quite as well as I'd like.

I hope you'll enjoy using TeamUp. It's not just a new App, but a new concept. Having a social platform just for exercise and a simple, interactive way to connect with friends and family around exercise is something I really want to explore and I hope and believe the App, in it's current, basic form, does that.

Below I have listed a summary of the known issues and functions. All of them are being worked on by developers over the next few weeks.

Please always feel free to
email me with any suggestions, feedback or issues.

Many thanks,


Dan Morgan

Known issues and bugs

Push notifications
When someone comments on one of your posts (when you post points) you will get a notification. This notification should take you to the post which received a comment. At the moment it will simply open the feed and you'll need to scroll to find your post.

Various design tweaks
The App has various design tweaks which need to be made to make give it a more finished feel. These include design changes, spelling/grammar mistakes, font colours, line spacing etc.

Photo resizing
When you take photos for your profile, a team profile or when posting points the photo may be too big (depending on your device settings). This may make it slower than ideal to load on your feed. When the App is complete it will re-size your photos automatically.

Photo window (iOS only)
The photo window when posting points, or when scrolling through the feed is too small on iPhone. It is due to be increased by 50%. This has already been completed on Android.

TeamUp is designed to email you with real-time updates on how other members of your various teams are doing so far in a given week. This is yet to be completed.

Points editing/deletion
There is currently no option to delete points once posted. Editing points is limited in its functionality at the moment.

Sunday points bug
In your list of Teams you should see the name of the person leading the team and how many points they have. The leader is not shown on a Sunday (it should be).

If you leave a team you may find the team remains in your list until you close and re-open the App.

Deleting a team
If you delete a team you have created you may find the App crashes (iPhone only)

Motivation section - navigation bug (iOS only)
If you go into the motivation section on iPhone you will need to close the App and re-open to navigate back to the landing page

Touch-point accuracy
Some of the touch points within the app are a little inaccurate

Onboarding screens
There are several design and spelling mistakes on the three onboarding screens (shown on first use)

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